Health Care Stimulus

Health care stimulus is coming and I can hardly wait. The folks who gave us Cash for Clunkers, the program that ran out of money in two weeks, are showing us how well health care reform will work.

The folks in Washington are so proud of what the stimulus plan is doing to save or create jobs, they even give us a website where we can watch every detail of where our tax dollars are being spent. The folks at have given us this information to bolster our confidence in how well they manage our money, and will (I am certain) do just as well when they take over health care.

Your Congressmen spent $3,582,587 in the 86th Congressional district of Florida to save or create 5 jobs.

I have two questions.

How does Florida qualify for 86 districts when California, a much larger and more populous state have only 54? The answer is, they don’t have 86 districts so where did the money go?

The other question is, how do I get one of those jobs? If all the jobs pay equally that means I could earn $716,517. Not bad for a job in a non-existent part of Florida.

Here in Georgia they spent $2,200,000 to create one job in district 00.

We don’t have a district 00 but I still would like to apply for that job.

By the time you read this the site will probably be sanitized.

We can only hope that health care stimulus will be just as promising with physicians receiving $250,000 to perform bunion removal and hospitals getting billions to make them smell less medicinal.

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