I Need Health Insurance But Can't Afford It

If you need health insurance in Georgia but think you can’t afford it, chances are you are not looking at the right coverage. You are not alone. Many people have never bought health insurance before and don’t know how to look for the right plan. If they had health insurance from an employer they think they need to replace it with a plan that is similar.

Truth is, your group health insurance plan through an employer was subsidized. You paid a portion of the premium and your employer paid the rest. In some cases, employees pay less than 20% of the premium while their employer pays the other 80%.

Group health insurance plans have a lot of bells and whistles that most people never or rarely use but they boost the premium by a lot. I tell clients to look at their car insurance policies. Auto insurance doesn’t have copays for tires, brakes and oil changes so why does a health insurance policy have copays for routine things?

Because someone convinced employers they need to have these things in a “good” plan.

Copays add 15 – 20% to the premium and deliver almost no benefit. Similarly, most people think they need a low deductible even though they rarely (if ever) hit their $1000 – $1500 deductible on the group health plan.

You can easily cut your premium by 40% or more by choosing wisely when shopping for health insurance policies.

Georgia Insurance Shop has many affordable health insurance plans for individuals and families in Atlanta and the rest of the state.

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