Health Insurance and Aetna

How does health insurance with Aetna work?

In today’s market (2/11/2009) Aetna offer’s the best overall value of any carrier in Georgia.

Of course, that can all change.

Aetna’s underwriting can be the most onerous in some ways and flexible in others. I have a reasonably good offer rate for applications submitted through my office. This is mostly due to the extensive pre-screening I do. Even still, about 10% of applications submitted through my office are declined.

Those who submit direct to Aetna typically experience a significantly higher rejection rate.

Aetna has some of the best HSA plans on the market.

The also have some plans that leave much to be desired, such as the Preventive and Hospital Care plan and the Open Value 10,000.

Customer service is good but not great. It takes way too long to issue a policy . . . usually 2 months.

The good news is, you can go online withing 24 hours of approval to review benefits, locate providers and print ID cards.

You can also call their customer service line at 1-800-MY-HEALTH.

New business underwriting normally takes 10 business days but can sometime move a bit quicker.

The only real complaints clients have about Aetna involve billing and the way medications are handled.

Aetna’s billing practices are among the worst. Sometimes it takes them 3 months to collect the initial premium. Other times they may forget to bill for 60 days or longer.

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