Health Insurance and Coventry

Coventry is a relative newcomer to Georgia. They entered the individual major medical market in Atlanta and a few other metro area’s in the second quarter of 2007.

To staff their offices they hired quite a few folks away from BCBSGA which, in my opinion, proved to be a bad move.

Coventry decided the best way to make a splash was to essentially duplicate popular plans offered by BCBSGA, making a few changes, and coupling the major med with a dental plan from Delta Dental.

In an effort to quickly gain market share they offered rates that were 20 – 30% below market and coupled it with loose underwriting that resulted in almost every application receiving approval.

They quickly got religion and made an abrupt, and almost schizophrenic shift in underwriting that made it impossible for even the most experienced agents to advise clients on what to expect. They would approve risks that other carriers declined while conversely declining to issue coverage to individuals where other carriers had no problem.

They went through rapid growth that put a strain on their ability to service their client base. I quickly found it impossible to assist clients placed with other carriers due to the inordinate amount of time it took to attend to problems Coventry caused for my clients.

Coventry is still competitive in some situations but also unpredictable once an application goes to underwriting.

I no longer offer Coventry as an option due to the headaches caused by their ineptitude.

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