HealthNet Denied Access to Medicare Seniors

CMS in their infinite wisdom has denied seniors access to yet another Medicare Advantage option. If you like your plan you may have to keep it as Obamacare marches forward by limiting your choices for Medicare.

The Arizona Star reports the CMS sanction hit at the beginning of the AEP (annual election period) that began November 15 and ends on December 31. During this time, seniors may move from one Medicare Advantage plan to another, or may return to original Medicare and a Medicare supplement plan.

Unless of course the plan they want is not allowed by the government.

Health Net's violations were identified during a CMS audit. Federal officials say Health Net improperly administered the Medicare drug benefit in its national prescription drug plan and local Medicare Advantage prescription drug plan contracts.

Many carriers are leaving the Part D insurance due to extreme regulation by the government. The result is fewer choices for seniors on Medicare and higher Part D premiums.

In addition to Health Net, the federal agency also imposed sanctions on Medicare Advantage plans sponsored by Arcadian Management Services of Oakland, Calif., and Universal American Corp. of Houston, Texas. The marketing and enrollment suspension for Arcadian and Universal American will be effective Dec. 5.

The sanctions will remain in effect until the companies "demonstrate to CMS that they have corrected the related deficiencies and that those deficiencies are not likely to recur."

More often than not the incidents turned up during audits are minor and not widespread. When you consider the government does not issue regulations on how to administer these plans until months after the law is passed I question why any carrier would want to participate in these programs. Sometimes the regulations are issued retroactively and then carriers are penalized for not being able to read the minds of those who wrote the law and correctly anticipate the letter of the law.

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