Heart Disease and Hair Loss

Guys, are you losing your hair?

If your woman used to get her fingers caught in your hair but now they slip through like a hot knife through butter it might be time to see a doc.

The Kojak look may be “in” but balding is not when it comes to heart disease.

Here is what a Harvard University study reveals.

Compared with men with no hair loss, risks for such events increased 9 percent in those starting to lose hair on the front of their heads. When a bald spot appears on the crown, relative risk jumps to 23 percent. When all hair is gone from the top of the head, the risk rises to a worrisome 36 percent.

So if you look more like Mr. Clean and less like John Edwards you might need a check up.

The combination of crown baldness and high blood pressure almost doubles the comparative risk. Men with extensive pattern baldness and high cholesterol are at nearly three times the risk of heart disease compared to those with high cholesterol and no hair loss.

If you are taking BP meds, cholesterol meds, and the man in the mirror is not the same guy who used to cruise chicks at the drive-in, see a doc.

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