How do Individual and Family Deductible's Differ

Many ask, what is the difference in an individual and family deductible for health insurance in Georgia. The response is, it depends . . .

If you are considering a plan with copay's for doctor visits, the answer is relatively simple. For covered expenses not paid by a copay, the charges will apply toward your INDIVIDUAL major medical deductible.

Each family member will have their own individual deductible, but the family will also have a deductible. Typically the FAMILY DEDUCTIBLE is 2x to 3x the individual deductible.

High deductible plans that are compatible with HSA's (Health Savings Accounts) may either have and individual and a family deductible limit, or it may have an aggregate family deductible.

HSA compatible health insurance plans offered by Aetna and Cigna differ from health insurance plans from Humana and Celtic.

Currently (10/1/2010) Blue Cross (BCBSGA) does not offer HSA compatible plans.


Blue Cross (BCBSGA) has reintroduced HSA compatible plans. Quote, review and apply at BCBSGA.

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