I'll Have What She is Having

Nancy Pelosi and company want us to have Obamacare but not what they have. Neither do they want any part of Obamacare, other than forcing it on us.

Wonder why?

Members of Congress, and the Obama House, can pick from any number of health insurance plans. The most popular plan is from Blue Cross, has $20 copays and a $300 major medical deductible.


Premiums are $448.91 per month single and $1027.95 family. But wait! That is the gross billed premium. Taxpayers, that would be you and me, pick up the tab for 69% of the monthly premium (as well as all of the cost of 3 new Gulfstream jets).

The Blue Cross plan is 135 pages and, as mandated by legislation, is in easy to read form.

Obamacare is over 3,000 pages (including committee markups) and is not easy to read.

All this reminds me of Meg Ryan. You know the scene.

Like the lady in the restaurant, when it comes to health insurance, rather than Obamacare, I’ll have what she is having . . .

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