Applying for Health Insurance

How to Apply for Health Insurance in Georgia

Believe it or not, there is an art (and a bit of science as well) to applying for health insurance in Georgia if you want to get the best offer. Some Georgia health insurance companies are routinely rejecting half of applications submitted. Overall, roughly 80% of applications that are not rejected will result in a modified counter-offer from the health insurance company.


So how do you improve your odds?


Work with an experienced agent. Seriously. We do this every day and know what underwriters are looking for and what they need to underwrite an application. Someone who only completes a health insurance application once in a blue moon will invariably provide too much information or not enough.


Health insurance applications are purposely tricky and redundant. If you are not careful you will give conflicting responses which will delay your application and reduce your chances of a better offer.


About Your Medical History


Medical history is important, including any medications you have been prescribed in the last 5 years. Some medical conditions and symptoms discussed but never diagnosed or treated can get your application rejected. Starting a new medication can result in a rejection as can stopping a medication without doctors approval. Any change in medication or dosage in the most recent 6 months can trigger a decline or disappointing offer.


Exact dates are not needed but general timelines are. Knowing the medical condition, medication(s), dosage and how often the medication is administered helps the health insurance underwriter to get a good idea of what kind of risk you present.


The application process consists of an electronic or paper application followed by (in most cases) a telephone interview. Too often clients will kill their chances of getting a fair offer during the phone interview unless they know what to expect. We counsel all clients on the entire process, and all applications are pre-screened before ever submitting to the health insurance company for review.


Health insurance companies also rely on information from MIB (Medical Information Bureau) as well as a prescription drug database such as IntelliScript or Ingenix (MedPoint).


You can request a copy of your IntelliScript report by calling (877) 211-4816; copies of your MedPoint information are available by calling (888) 206-0335. You can also go online for IntelliScript or MedPoint.


Each health insurance company is different. Medical conditions that will result in a premium surcharge with one company may be standard with another. Applying to several health insurance companies at once, or in succession, only diminishes your odds of gettting a good offer.


You can save a lot of time and headache by working with a professional agent that knows the way the game is played.