Assurant Child Only Health Insurance

Instant child only health insurance from Assurant. Instant access to affordable health care. Benefits start right away. No deductibles. Your Assurant Health Access plan offers the following benefits.   child only health insurance

  • Your benefits start right away
  • You do not have to satisfy a deductible to receive benefits
  • Assurant Health Access pays cash direct to your or your medical provider
  • You have access to network discounts for covered medical services
  • Guaranteed online pricing
  • Prescription drug discounts and more
  • Health Access is available for adults, families and child only health insurance


Click here for a brief video on Assurant Health Access


Your Assurant Health Access plan is approved for use in Georgia as a child only health insurance plan.

To apply for Health Access as a child only plan

  • Click HERE to visit the Assurant site
  • Choose Fixed Benefit Insurance (Assurant Health Access)
  • Enter your zip code, gender and your child’s date of birth as the APPLICANT
  • If you have more than one child, enter the younger children as DEPENDENTS
  • Review benefits, pick a plan and apply direct


Another child only health insurance option is short term medical insurance.

  • Perfect for parents that only need child health insurance for a few months
  • Your benefits can start the very next day
  • You choose your own deductible of $1000 and up
  • $2 million lifetime benefit
  • Covered charges include doctor visits, lab and hospital
  • Benefit periods from 30 – 180 days
  • Short term medical plans are not subject to Obamacare restrictions
  • Child only coverage if your child is at least 30 days old


Click here to view a short video about Assurant Short Term Medical insurance



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