Instant Child Only Health Insurance

Child only health insurance is now available in Georgia on a stand alone basis. No need to add the child to an adult policy.



Permanent Health Insurance


Parents can now purchase permanent child only health insurance that is fully compliant with ACA health insurance rules and mandates.  child only health insurance georgia obamacare


Note that children are NOT eligible for subsidies. If you want your child to continue seeing their regular pediatrician or specialist you should purchase your children’s health insurance plan OFF the exchange. Plans purchased on the exchange are mostly HMO plans with very limited doctor and hospital networks. Some plans have only ONE hospital in your area.


Child only health insurance purchase off the exchange are PPO networks with access to almost every doctor and hospital in your area.


Georgia Insurance Shop specializes in OFF exchange plans through Humana, Assurant, Cigna and Blue Cross.


All ACA child only health insurance plans include a pediatric dental benefit.