Travel Medical Insurance

Travel medical insurance and trip cancellation insurance. Instant rates and apply direct online. Your current health insurance plan does not cover everything when you are traveling out of the country. Air ambulance, translation of medical records and more become YOUR responsibility if you do not have trip medical insurance

Because foreign doctors and hospitals are not in network, you may be required to pay several thousand dollars out of pocket for your care. Also, your current health care plan does not cover things like air ambulance (Med Evac) or translation of medical records.

Atlas International Travel Medical Insurance from HCC Life

The industry-leading Atlas Travel Series now includes many new benefits, services and features that make it a leading option for individuals and families who travel internationally. The policy now includes a benefit to be used in case of Natural Disasters and expanded coverage for Incidental Trips Home. This innovative product also includes coverage for Acts of Terrorism, Political Evacuation, and Complications of Pregnancy. Non-US citizens traveling outside of the US will benefit from our updated rating structure. State of the art travel and emergency medical assistance services are part of every Atlas Travel Series plan. In addition, the Atlas Travel Series allows you to extend and/or renew your coverage for up to 36 months. Click for details on the Atlas International Travel Medical plan.

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International Travel Medical Insurance

Travel medical is one of the least expensive forms of insurance you can have. You can run rates and compare plans by visiting Trip Medical.

Trip cancellation coverage is also available at this site.