Kaiser Health Plans of Georgia – New Plans – Low Rates

Kaiser PermanenteKaiser health plan of Georgia offers many low cost health plans for individuals, families and business owners. New plans introduced in January have very low rates making coverage affordable for many.

The convenience of 27 different Kaiser health facilities in greater Atlanta and “one stop shopping” for all your primary care needs makes choosing Kaiser the right choice for many.

Larger Kaiser facilities have on-site access to primary care, specialists such as OB-GYN, oncology, cardiology and more. Additional services include lab, X-ray, CT scan, PET scan, MRI and more.

All Kaiser of Georgia clinics have on-site pharmacy’s which is a great convenience. No more trudging around in the rain and traffic to fill your prescription medication.

Large waiting rooms and medical staff on-site mean no more long waits. Most patients can be seen the same day they call and many will be seen by a medical practitioner within 15 minutes or less of arrival.

I have personally visited half a dozen of the Kaiser clinics and am quite impressed with the range of services and ease of delivery.

Kaiser has the most advanced electronic medical record (EMR) systems in the country. Every visit is immediately documented and your medical history is updated at the time of visit. If you see a Kaiser doctor at one of their “personal” clinics in a strip center and need additional testing offsite, your information is immediately transfered to the nearest Kaiser facility that has the equipment needed to diagnose your medical problem.

No more lugging personal medical files from one office to another. Your records are quickly and securely transmitted throughout the Kaiser Permanente network and available to those who need to review your condition.

Many times additional testing is not needed, but rather a consult with another doctor in a specialty practice will suffice.

Your personal physician at a Kaiser facility has the ability to electronically consult with any number of Kaiser specialists while you are in the office.

I have been in the health insurance field for over 35 years and have never seen anything like this anywhere. It far surpasses systems from the government such as the VA or anything in Medicare or Medicaid.

Kaiser health plans of Georgia offers 8 different copay plans and two HSA qualified plans. This selection is enough to meet the needs of most individuals or families seeking to buy affordable health insurance in Atlanta.

Unlike many watered down plans from other health insurance companies, Kaiser health plans have full prescription drug coverage.

All plans have free annual exams for children and adults and unlimited lifetime maximums.

Routine well check ups include immunizations, certain preventive screenings, mammograms and vision testing at no charge. Most X-rays and lab work is performed at no charge to you.

You can review benefits and decide which plan is best for your needs with this link to a plan summary.

Compare Kaiser quotes and plans. Enroll direct or ask us for assistance.

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