Making Health Care Affordable for Everyone

Seems like everyone complains that it is impossible to find affordable health insurance in Georgia. Now a fellow blogger has some rather drastic suggestions that have merit. His tongue is firmly planted in his cheek . . .

Mr. Fixit seems hell-bent on destroying the best health care system in the world and lowering costs, so here are some solutions put forth by Medical Pastiche.

Outlaw all forms of health insurance.


  • Reduces bureaucratic overhead
  • Reduces wasteful spending for unnecessary physician services
  • Reduces prices for physician services because of cost savings
  • Returns the system to solid free-market economic principles

Certainly a radical idea to say the least, but seems to be in line with the feeling that health insurance carriers are nothing but a bunch of greedy, profit making bastards.

Allow non-physicians to practice medicine.


  • Reverse the effects of government-instituted insurance policy which continues to decrease patient access to healthcare
  • Recognize that mid-level practitioners such as NPs and PAs are just as capable as doctors
  • Recognize that writing prescriptions is no more complicated than looking up drugs on a PDA
  • Recognize that doctors are simply too expensive; cheaper = better
  • Satisfy the mid-level practitioner lobby who petitions government for this power

Brilliant idea! Dr. Granny always had some rheumatiz medicine brewing out by the ce-ment pond that would cure almost anything. And if that didn’t work, she would cook up a mess of secret potion if she could only find some skunk gizzards.

Eliminate the ban on balance billing in Medicare.


  • Physicians should get paid what they ought, not what bureaucrats dictate
  • Reduces incentive for physicians to increase volume to compensate for decreased payment
  • Reduces incentives for patients in seeking unnecessary medical care
  • The RVU system will no longer be able to dictate how much primary care physicians make for a Medicare-patient office visit
  • Market-based principles are returned to the system, allowing equilibrium prices and equilibrium quantities to be exchanged without inherent shortages

Those of us with health insurance now pay an extra 15% or so to make up for the losses medical providers experience from treating Medicare, Medicaid & SCHIP patients. If M/M/S patients are forced to pay their fair share we will all be better off.

The most recent installment in the One Step system to reducing health care costs is another stroke of genius.

Abolish the use of healthcare resources by anyone, punishable by death.


  • If users of healthcare resources are executed by the government, hospital re-admissions will decrease, and Medicare will be happy
  • Everyone who does not receive healthcare is cared for equally, and making sure some people do not receive more healthcare than others is crucial to a just society
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research proves that not a single intervention exists today which prevents mortality over the life of a patient

While this may seem drastic to some, you have to admit it is effective. Does Obama-man know about this?

Frankly, I don’t know why anyone hasn’t thougth of this before.

If you are looking to buy health insurance in Georgia in a less painful way, give us a call. It won’t cost an arm and a leg, and you won’t lose your head.

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