Maternity Insurance Coverage in Georgia

If you are looking for maternity insurance coverage in Georgia you are out of luck. There are NO individual major medical health insurance plans that offer regular maternity benefits.

You can blame that on Obamacare.

maternity insurance coverageThree years ago several health insurance plans including Assurant (Time), Blue Cross (BCBSGA), Golden Rule, Humana and Kaiser Permanente included maternity options. Once Obamacare became law every carrier except Kaiser and Blue Cross stopped offering maternity insurance coverage.

Kaiser dropped maternity options two years ago and Blue Cross ceased to offer maternity insurance coverage in 2012.

PCIP, the government health insurance plan for those with pre-existing health issues was an option for many, but PCIP is bankrupt and not accepting new applications.

If you live in poverty, you may qualify for taxpayer funded Medicaid. Over half the live births in Georgia are paid for by taxpayers through the Medicaid program. Finding a doctor willing to accept Medicaid and a hospital that still has a maternity department is a challenge.

Several hospitals in the Atlanta area have closed their O.B. department and many in rural areas as well. For some, the nearest hospital with a delivery room is 2 hours away.

Approximately 30% of doctors in Georgia accept Medicaid patients and most of them do not offer obstetrical services.

However, all is not lost.

If you are not curently pregnant and are in good health you can still purchase health insurance and I can show you how to find doctors and hospitals willing to discount their services and work out a pre-payment plan. You can also fund your out of pocket costs on a tax deductible basis.

You have questions about maternity insurance coverage, we have answers.


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