Fewer Maternity Options for Georgia Health Insurance

If you want to buy health insurance in Georgia with a maternity option you will have fewer choices after April 20, 2010. Time health insurance company (still referred to by many as Assurant) will no longer offer a maternity benefit on policies issued after April 20th.

Time has not been a particularly competitive Georgia health insurance company for some time, but their maternity rider made them a good fit on occasion. Offering four maternity deductible options and only a 90 day waiting period, I found a reason to offer them to individuals and families looking for an affordable maternity option.

With Time leaving this market there are only three health insurance companies in Georgia that will offer maternity and all but one require the policy to be in place for a minimum of 12 months before benefits are payable.


  1. Which are the 3 companies that provide maternity? I couldn't find them listed on your link..

  2. Thanks so much, Bob

  3. What is world? I have never heard of them.

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