Medicare Advantage, Going Away?

If you have a Georgia Medicare Advantage Plan, or a Medicare Advantage Plan D (prescription drug plan), it may be going away in January. How will you find out if your Medicare Advantage or Plan D is going away?

You have to wait until your Medicare Advantage insurance company tells you.

Your agent can't tell you. CMS (Center for Medicare Services) does not allow your agent to contact you and provide this information.

So how will you find out?

You have to wait until your current MA insurance carrier tells you.

Due to cutbacks in funding for Medicare as part of Obamacare, many more insurance companies that provide Medicare Advantage Plans will be withdrawing from the market over the next 12 months or so. When that happens you have the option of moving to another Medicare Advantage Plan or returning to original Medicare parts A and B and a Medicare supplement plan.

We have a wide selection of Medigap plans available for seniors in Georgia. If you are about to turn 65, have recently turned 65 or if you are losing your Medicare Advantage Plan, contact us about your options.

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