Medicare Annual Election Period

The Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP) has begun and most Georgia seniors have many questions about AEP and how it affects them.There is quite a bit of information available through government websites, forums, seminars and all that arrives in the mail.                       

Medicare annual election period

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How Does Medicare Annual Election Period Work?

To prepare yourself for AEP you must first understand how AEP works.
Medicare Annual Election Period happens each year and certain Medicare beneficiaries have an opportunity to enroll in Advantage plans and drug plans for the upcoming year.
During the Medicare Annual Election Period you can add, drop or change your Medicare Advantage coverage and drug plan. 
Medigap Plans Have Different Rules
Medicare supplement plans can be changed at ANY TIME DURING THE YEAR.
You do not have to wait until AEP to purchase a lower priced Medigap plan and realize immediate savings.
Did you know that some Medicare supplement carriers increased rates TWICE during 2012? Most will raise rates again in January. Now is the time to lock in existing low rates and start saving money.