Medicare Equals Less Care?

When does Medicare equal less care? When your doctor is paid an incentive to encourage care that could result in shortening your life expectancy.

According to the Washington Examiner, death panels are back.

When a proposal to encourage end-of-life planning touched off a political storm over “death panels,” Democrats dropped it from legislation to overhaul the health care system. But the Obama administration will achieve the same goal by regulation, starting Jan. 1.

Under the new policy, outlined in a Medicare regulation, the government will pay doctors who advise patients on options for end-of-life care, which may include advance directives to forgo aggressive life-sustaining treatment.

Much like other Obamacare surprises, this administration takes a portion of the law and embellishes it via regulations to fit their needs.

Under the original law, health insurance companies were prohibited from excluding pre-existing conditions coverage on children under age 19. As written, the Obamacrap law did not require health insurance companies to issue coverage, but rather, said if a policy is issued, it cannot exclude pre-existing conditions.

HHS Secretary Sebelius changed the rules and issued regulations that amended the law, requiring insurance carriers to issue policies on children regardless of their health.

This resulted in the end of child only health insurance plans in Georgia and other states. If parents wanted health insurance coverage for their children under the age of 19 the parents would be required to apply for health insurance on themselves and include children as dependents.

Now the Obama administration is pulling the same tricks except this time with seniors on Medicare.

The final version of the health care legislation, signed into law by President Obama in March, authorized Medicare coverage of yearly physical examinations, or wellness visits. The new rule says Medicare will cover “voluntary advance care planning,” to discuss end-of-life treatment, as part of the annual visit.

That seems fairly benign. Medicare will pay for "voluntary" end of life planning, in other words, a form of assisted suicide.

But what if your doctor is offered cash incentives to initiate the discussion?

According to the article, Section 1233 of Obamacrap not only authorizes end of life discussions but will pay your doctor additional money for initiating the discussion.

How many patients will simply follow their doctors suggestion to end care for a terminal illness and how many will resist? And if you resist your doctors suggestion, what then?

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