Medicare Mafia

Tony Soprano skimming Medicare? Say it ain’t so!

Around the nation, federal investigators have been threatened, an informant’s body was found riddled with bullets, and a woman was discovered dead in a pharmacy under investigation, her throat slit with a piece of broken toilet seat.

For criminals, Medicare schemes offer a greater payoff and carry much shorter prison sentences than offenses such as drug trafficking or robbery.

Who knew?

A Medicare scammer could easily net at least $25,000 a day while risking a relatively modest 10 years in prison if convicted on a single count. A cocaine dealer could take weeks to make that amount while risking up to life in prison.

Something terribly wrong with this picture.

And 11 members of New York’s Bonanno family were indicted in May in a Medicare fraud scheme in South Florida. They were accused of stealing patients’ Medicare numbers and using them to submit false claims. Other allegations included identity theft and conspiring to commit murder.

This must be the fraud and abuse that Obamacare is going to cure.

Bada bing!

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