Medicare Part D – Help You Choose the Right Plan

Georgia Medicare Coverage Plans vary greatly. When you select the best Georgia Medicare Coverage Plans should you include Medicare prescription drug plan benefits? Finding the best GA prescription drug plan is not as simple as you may think. Do you contact Medicare? Or will a health insurance company or Georgia agent give the best advice?

With all the options for prescription drug plans in GA, becoming confused about uncovering the best plan for you is common. Do you choose the plan endorsed by a large senior advocate association? Or do you buy a plan advertised on TV commercials

Where will you turn?

Mary Tries to Find an Affordable Drug Plan

Turning 65, Mary signed up for Medicare A and Part B. Then she bought a popular Medigap policy F from an agent in Georgia that was highly recommended by a neighbor who was also a dear friend. Bob took the time to discuss all options and help her choose the best plan for her needs and budget.

Saving money and living on a budget is important to Mary. She asks Bob “how do I find the best Part D, prescription drug plan?”

His answer totally caught her off guard. Bob tells Mary she should not talk to an insurance agent, or call a carrier and speak with them. He says Medicare is a resource, but he mentions there is a caveat. Mary can call the government, or use Medicare's prescription drug finder.  The site is intuitive, and relatively simple to follow.

First you enter your GA zip code, then enter the information on any medication drug you are taking. Next you enter the local pharmacy where you fill your prescriptions. Then you are shown a list of plans that cover your medication and offering coverage in your area.

But which is the best? Do you need Medicare Part D? Even if you use the Medicare drug finder and talk to someone at Medicare,you still need to find someone who understands your drug history.

Your Local GA Pharmacist Knows Best

Bob tells Mariy to take her list of prescription drugs and talk to her druggist about which option is best for her. Next Bob opens up to Mary and delivers this shocker. He says “agents that offer Georgia presciption drug plans don't know as much about prescriptions as a pharmacist.” He says “Agents are only allowed to tell you about prescription plans that they are approved to discuss. Quite often the best plan for you might be one the agent can not tell you about.

Agents May Give the Wrong Part D Advice

When an agent suggests a “solution”, is it the right one for you? Perhaps it is the plan that pays the agent the highest commission? Similarly, those who work for the government are not qualified to review your medical history and suggest a plan that is right for you. Do you want the government telling you which plan to buy?

Your druggist is an unbiased resource. The plan you choose does not matter to him or her. Who knows more about medication: a Georgia insurance agent, a government employee or your pharmacist?

Prescription Drug Plans and Supplemental Medicare Insurance

Georgia Medicare Plans does not offer Medicare Part D plans because we believe those decisions are best made by you and your pharmacist. Ask us how to avoid late entry penalties attached to Medicare Part D plans. You can only change prescription drug plans during your annual enrollment period, but Medicare supplement plans can be purchased at any time. Ask us for an affordable Medigap quote.



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