Medicare Supplement Insurance – Paying Too Much?

Are you paying too much for Medicare supplemental insurance in Georgia? Do you feel like you are locked in and doomed to paying a high rate for Medigap coverage forever?

Help is on the way!

We have Medicare supplement companies willing to swap out your old, high-priced plan for a newer model. Call it a trade in sale where everyone is made an offer.

If you have a supplement plan F that is overpriced you can swap for a new, lower priced plan F. Maybe you want to save even more by trading in your plan F for plan G or the newer, modernized plan N.

Almost everyone qualifies for the swap. Even if other Medigap carriers have said no, we say yes.

Some companies charge more for tobacco use which can add 15% or more to your premium. If you are paying extra for tobacco use, we can probably save you money.

Ed in Atlanta saved $50 per month on plan F. Oscar in south Georgia saved $27 per month on plan N. Ruth in Gainesville saved $33 per month on plan F.

How much could you save?

Additional savings for those who prepay their premium for 12 months, Discounts when husband and wife apply at the same time.

Georgia Insurance Shop and Georgia Med Supp have some of the lowest Medicare supplemental insurance rates in Georgia. Ask for a competitve quote.

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