New Blue Cross of Georgia Health Insurance Plans

Blue Cross of Georgia (BCBSGA) have health insurance plans online that comply with Obamacare, including children's health insurance. Available health insurance plans include the SmartSense POS and a new Premier POS plan. Tonik is still available as are the STM (short term medical) health insurance plans.

PPO versions of SmartSense and Premier are expected to be available in a month, pending approval by the state of Georgia.

Preliminary benefit summary's of the new plans are available online.

Note the POS plans may not have certain doctors or hospitals in their network. Also, the SmartSense plans come in two versions with regard to Rx coverage.

The basic plan does not cover any brand name prescription drugs while the enhanced version covers "select" brand name drugs.

Select is yet to be defined.

Maternity is an option, but only on Premier plans and only with a major medical deductible of $2500 or greater.

Children under the age of 19 will not be written on a stand alone basis. They must apply as a dependent under one or both parents on the same application.

Children with severe medical conditions will have their underwriting rate up applied to other family members. The maximum rate up applied to the family will by +70% over standard rates before the application is rejected.

Due to new underwriting rules individuals looking for health insurance in Georgia, especially if you have children under the age of 19, are strongly encouraged to have your application pre-screened by a knowledgeable insurance broker before submitting to the carrier for review.

As of now, only a few health insurance companies have rate approval for plans issued after 9/22/2010 and some of them do not yet have approval for children's health insurance rates. You can compare rates and plans from different Georgia health insurance companies at Georgia Insurance

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