Obama Sells Health Insurance

If Obama’s health care overhaul is so grand, why does he have to SELL it to the public?

In the last month or so we have had staged town hall meetings to hear his pitch, a scripted ABC news hour long “special”, weekly addresses via the web and now his minions are fanning out in a door to door campaign to promote health care reform.

Organizing for America, the advocacy group that grew out of President Obama’s campaign machinery, is enlisting supporters to go door-to-door across the country to talk up the White House’s health care priorities.

Brad Woodhouse, a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee, where Organizing for America is housed, said the canvassing would start in earnest this weekend and could last through August, making it the most sustained door-to-door effort the group has had since President Obama was inaugurated.

This makes no sense.

I have never bought anything sold door to door. I see no reason why I should start now.

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