As we approach 2014 the bulk of the questions we get are about Obamacare. In response we have created this section devoted 100% to Obamacare topics. You can also use our search box to the left to research specific topics. We will attempt to link as many popular requests through this page.

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This is only the beginning. As we steamroll towards 2014 and  especially the initial enrollment period (expected to occur 10/1/2013) we will do our best to keep you updated on Obama-care progress (or the lack thereof).


Health Insurance Costs

Rates will rise dramatically in 2014. Several Georgia health insurance companies have found a way to shield their policyholders from significant premium increases and delay the “hit” until 2015. IF YOU BUY NOW, in most cases you will be able to lock in today’s LOWER RATES until December 2014.

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Obamacare Train Wreck

Chief Obamacare architect Sen. Max Baucus, whose fingerprints are all over this law, recently described this as a “train wreck”. In our opinion, not only is the law a mess but implementation will be almost impossible. Initial enrollment is less than 4 months away as we write this. The complexity of determining subsidies, getting the exchange (now called a more “consumer friendly” marketplace), disseminating information to individuals, families and employers, etc. is overwhelming.

A line that comes to mind reflects back on Hugh Grant’s first public appearance following his arrest for soliciting a prostitute (that just happened to be a cross dresser). He appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Jay’s first question as Hugh sat down was “What were you thinking?”.

The Congress critters that conceived and designed Obama care should be asked the same thing. The back room deals, political payoffs and “kitchen sink” law with over 2200 pages and over 15,000 pages of regulations (and still counting) is a mess.

At least the Titanic made it half-way before it sank.

Obamacare seems almost destined to meet the same fate before it ever gets out of the harbor.



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