Obamacare 2015 Rates – Georgia

Obamacare 2015 rates for Georgia are now live. A quick review of rates by ages and zip codes seems to indicate a replay of last year with Humana and Blue Cross dominating the field OFF the exchange.


Obamacare subsidies

There are no advantages to purchasing ON the exchange unless you are subsidy eligible. Taxpayer funded subsidies are scaled according to income and family size. For Georgia, in round figures, you may be eligible for a subsidy if are a household of one and your income is between $11,500 and $45,000.

For a family of two the income range is $15,500 and $62,000. A family of three may be eligible if their income ranges from $19,500 and $78,000. A four family group is looking at an income of $23,500 and $94,000.

The lower your income in that range the bigger the subsidy.

You can browse plans and rates by zip by following this link to healthcare.gov

This year you can “shop” rates without registering your information.

We are unable to assist you again in 2015 if you want a subsidized plan. We suggest you follow the link above or call 800-318-2596 for assistance.


Links to OFF exchange plans and rates

The quoting service we used for years became unreliable and very pricey so we decided to terminate that contract. Under the new arrangement, most people will only be able to buy or change plans for 2 months out of the year which makes paying 12 months for a service that is only usable for 2 months a bit unrealistic.


If you currently have Aetna, Assurant, Cigna or Coventry and are losing your coverage

you should consider the Humana POS/PPO plans below.


BCBSGA (Blue Cross Georgia) – click here to review plans and rates. You may also apply direct if you see a plan you like. Keep in mind that ALL Blue Cross 2015 rates are for HMO plans only. If you wish to apply for a plan make sure your doctor(s) are in the network. You may use this provider search link before you review plans if you wish. You can also check prescription drug lists to make sure your medications are included in the pharmacy benefit.

Click to view BCBSGA plans and 2015 rates

Humana One

Humana is also competitive for 2015 and offers a choice of HMO plans and PPO plans. Most people will prefer the broad NPOS (National Point of Service) network over the smaller HMO network which is only available in select zip codes. Use this link to review participating providers in the Humana networks. If you want to search the Humana drug formulary, use this link.

When quoting Humana plans you will see a green button on the left hand side that says FIND MEDICAL PLANS. Click it.

On the next page enter in your DOB and gender under APPLICANT. Do the same for spouse and children. Scroll down and click QUOTE NOW

On the following page click CONTINUE TO SHOP FOR INSURANCE

The next page will show you a summary of plans from the lowest premium to the highest. Consider only the POS/PPO plans and avoid the HMO options where available.

Silver plans will usually offer the best value.

Two plans, one with a $6300 integrated deductible and another with a $3650 integrated deductible are HSA qualified. Your maximum out of pocket is your deductible. Everything above the deductible is covered at 100%.

The other options include copay’s for doctor and Rx. Pay close attention to your maximum out of pocket. Even though they have lower deductibles than $6300 the Bronze and Silver plans have about the same maximum out of pocket as the $6300 deductible plan.

Gold and Platinum plans should only be considered if your regular medical expenses exceed around $1000 per month.

Call or email if you have questions.

Click to view Humana plans and 2015 rates

Humana One

Assurant is back and offering 2015 rates for Georgia. Their plans are a bit weaker and rates are considerably higher for 2015. They will have a good dental plan for those that want the ability to use any dentist. You can review Assurant 2015 plans and rates here.

You may call or email me at any time if you have questions.