Obamacare 834

Do you know what Obamacare 834 is? Neither did I. It’s a bug in healthcare.gov. Because of 834 your exchange application may neverObamacare 834 be approved by the insurance carrier you chose. Obamacare 834 means your child becomes your spouse.

Obamacare 834 is like Catch 22, except more insidious.

834 transmissions are the files that HealthCare.gov fires off to insurance companies when someone signs up for their plans. The companies say that some of these files have come in with inaccurate information.

Washington Post

It could be me, but seems like this is something that should have been checked out before flipping the switch on healthcare.guv.

Bataille announced Monday that about 80 percent of those errors stemmed from “one bug that prevented a Social Security number from being included. That caused the system not to generate an 834.”

So why have we never heard of 834 before?

Either the folks running the site had no clue, or they just didn’t want to talk about it.

Three reporters — one from the Los Angeles Times, one from The Wall Street Journal and I — asked Bataille for information on how many of the 834s sent out so far have had an error.

Maybe this is a secret.

Like “How many people have actually applied for health insurance through healthcare.gub?”,

This is where Monday’s media call started to get more tense than the dozens that have happened in the past, with reporter after reporter asking about the numbers of 834 errors and not getting a response from the administration. As The Wall Street Journal reporter reasoned, if the administration knows that 80 percent of the errors are coming from a certain bug — then simple math should figure out the total number.

Again, either the lack of response is due to incompetence or a desire to cover up the truth.

If you applied for a plan on healthcare.guv but have not been billed, or had any correspondence from your selected carrier, you should contact the company and see if they know who you are and have a COMPLETE application for you.

This is YOUR responsibility. The folks at healthcare.gub will not be your advocate.

You should know that the Obamacare 834 bug only affects applications submitted through the exchange. If you bought OUTSIDE of the exchange, you won’t have this problem.

ACA health insurance plans bought OFF the exchange have broader networks and feature a 5 minute, no hassle application. Many of our clients have reviewed plans and rates, applied and been approved in less than 20 minutes.

Avoid the Catch 22 of 834. Buy OFF the exchange. Shop and compare plans now.