Obamacare and Medicare

Obamacare and Medicare are like ebony and ivory except not as fun or entertaining. Higher taxes, higher premiums, less coverage, fewer choices. Funding Obamacrap will involve higher taxes paid by almost everyone.

Higher Medicare taxes.

Higher income taxes.

Higher taxes on HSA penalties.

All in all, the law sold to a gullible public and news media as patient protection and affordable health care is anything but that. In truth, the bill generates $1 trillion in new taxes and that is just at the federal level. 

It also promises savings in health care and health insurance premiums.

Savings that so far have not materialized and never will. Elmer Gantry could not have done a better job of duping the public than Washington has over the last two years.

Elmer Gantry

To placate seniors, Obama-Gantry authorized $250 checks for those who have entered the donut hole in their Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) and promised to close the hole completely by the end of the decade.

Some of the savings supposedly will come by negotiating lower prices for prescription medication . . . but will also come from eliminating medications from coverage under Medicare.

Life saving medications such as Avastin.

Of course as prescriptions are eliminated from coverage by Medicare that means they will not be covered by supplemental PDP's.

Obamacrap also is tightening the screws on Medicare Advantage plans. So much so that many health insurance companies are withdrawing their product from the market.

If you lose your Medicare Advantage Plan (MAP) you have a guaranteed right to enroll in another MAP, provided of course you can find one available in your area.

You also have a guaranteed right to return to traditional Medicare, something many will opt for, and purchase a Medigap plan.

Even if your MAP is not discontinued you will certainly face lower benefits and higher premiums.

Many of those currently covered by MAP's are in poor health but they still have a guaranteed right to return to traditional Medicare AND a guaranteed right to by a Medigap plan. This is already causing many Medigap companies to increase premiums by as much as 14% and it is expected the premium increases will continue in to 2011.

Most of this is a result of Obamacrap.

Don't forget the scheduled reduced fee schedules for doctors that has been kicked down the road for the last several years due to political pressure. Unless Congress acts again, a 20%+ cut in payments to doctors will come in January of 2011. If you don't think this will impact the number of doctors willing to treat Medicare patients you need to reconsider your position. I can't think of a reason why anyone would be willing to do the same work going forward for 20% less pay.

Put all this together and you have a real witches brew, just in time for Halloween.


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