Obamacare Broken Promises

obamacare premiums riseIn a scathing joint report by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Senate Committee on Finance, and the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, their view is a wake up call to those who want Obamacare to go forward.

Page 2 – Large rate increases in the individual market are likely . . .

– Most people under the age of 50 will see their rates increase significantly

Page 3 – Premiums in Georgia expected to increase 61 – 100%

Page 4 – Premiums for young adults in Atlanta expected to rise 148 – 179%

The full 8 page report can be viewed HERE

In a cruel twist, the biggest increases will come on the age group that overwhelmingly supported Obama and Obamacare in both elections. It is those same youth that will not only see the largest increase in their health insurance premiums, but will also be responsible for paying off the massive debt accumulated by this administration.

Mitt Romney would have cruised to the White House had he managed to split the youth vote with Barack Obama, according to an analysis released

Wednesday. Obama easily won the youth vote nationally, 67 percent to 30 percent, with young voters proving the decisive difference in Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio, according to an analysis by the Center for Research and Information on Civic Learning and Engagement at Tufts University. Obama won at least 61 percent of the youth vote in four of those states, and if Romney had achieved a 50-50 split, he could have flipped those states to his column, the study said.

Politico This is not rehashing last years elections. The past cannot be changed, but one wonders if the “Call Me Maybe” generation would have voted the same way had they paid attention to the harsh reality of funding bigger government.

Elections have consequences and Obamacare is a train wreck.



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