Obamacare, What a Country!

Obamacare, what a country! Need health insurance? Can’t log in to the government website? Can’t qualify for a subsidy because of the what a countryfamily glitch? Or the employer glitch? Can’t find your doctor, or any doctor in your exchange based Obamacare plan? You can find a doctor but can’t get an appointment?


Obamacare, what a country!

Do you need health insurance but can’t log in to healthcare.gov?

No problem. It’s a feature, not a bug.

Concerned that you have signed up but have not received your policy yet? You should be if you applied through the exchange.

“Until the enrollment process is working from end to end, many consumers will not be able to enroll in coverage,” said Karen M. Ignagni, president of America’s Health Insurance Plans, a trade group.

The issues are vexing and complex. Some insurers say they have been deluged with phone calls from people who believe they have signed up for a particular health plan, only to find that the company has no record of the enrollment. Others say information they received about new enrollees was inaccurate or incomplete, so they had to track down additional data — a laborious task that will not be feasible if data is missing for tens of thousands of consumers.

NY Times

You just THINK you have coverage.

What a country!

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Can’t Find a Doctor?

Even if you receive your policy your problems are just beginning. Most of the exchange plans offered in Georgia are HMO’s with very strict rules and extremely tiny networks.

If you currently have a doctor, chances are pretty good they will not be in any exchange networks. Even if you are lucky enough to find your doctor in the network, getting an appointment may be a problem.

Most doctors are limiting the number of exchange patients they are willing to see and setting up a waiting list for those who want to schedule an appointment.

The problem?

Exchange based plans, especially the HMO plans, pay less for patient care than a typical PPO plan. Also, some of the consumer “safe guards” built into exchange plans mean doctors may never be paid for the care they give.

What a country!

Jeffrey D. Zients, the presidential adviser leading the repair effort, said he had shaken up management of the website so the team was now “working with the velocity and discipline of a high-performing private sector company.”

Mr. Zients said 50,000 people could use the website at the same time and that the error rate, reflecting the failure of web pages to load properly, was consistently less than 1 percent, down from 6 percent before the overhaul.

So the website is working faster and smoother, but if you can’t get a health insurance policy . . . .

For insurers the process is maddeningly inconsistent. Some people clearly are being enrolled. But insurers say they are still getting duplicate files and, more worrisome, sometimes not receiving information on every enrollment taking place.

“Health plans can’t process enrollments they don’t receive,” said Robert Zirkelbach, a spokesman for America’s Health Insurance Plans.

Despite talk from time to time of finding some sort of workaround, experts say insurers have little choice but to wait for the government to fix these problems.

This makes website accessibility issues seem minor, if you never know if you are covered or not.

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What a country!