Obamacare Exchanges | Not the Only Way to Buy

Much has been made about the coming Obamacare exchanges, but they may not be for everyone. In fact, unless you get a significantobamacare exchanges train wreck taxpayer funded subsidy, you probably want to look off exchange. If you earn less than 250% of the FPL (Federal Poverty Level) the best place for you probably is the exchange.

But if your income is above that level and below 400%, you should still look off exchange.

Some insurers may opt to offer richer policies or continue grandfathered plans off the exchange to hold onto long-time customers. These policies may have more comprehensive doctors’ networks or lower drug co-pays … with a higher premium to boot,

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One of our favorite carriers, Cigna, will not be participating in the Obamacare exchanges in Georgia. We are encouraging people to lock in current LOW rates which will probably be close to HALF 2014 rates.

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The off-exchange policies may also attract enrollees who won’t want the additional work of going through the exchange, which involves gathering pay stubs or W2 forms, settling up an account and waiting for income and citizenship status to be verified by federal agencies.

When you buy outside of the Obamacare excchanges you don’t have to give up your personal information to navigators and risk passing that information through the unsecure data hub.

Some consumers have also told Blue Cross that they intend to go off the exchange because they don’t want anything to do with Obamacare, either because they oppose it politically or they equate it with government assistance programs such as Medicaid.

Nice move.

Obamacare has been described as a train wreck, and quite adequately I might suggest. Unless you are getting a significant taxpayer funded subsidy you would be wise to avoid anything to do with Obamacare exchanges.