Obamacare Georgia Risk Pool Information

If you have been uninsured in Georgia for at least 6 months and have a letter of declination of coverage from a major medical health insurance company, you may qualify for the Obamapool (PCIP) coverage. Benefits are not as good as the Georgia Assignment Plan and rates are higher but this is an alternative for those who do not qualify for conversion or Assignment.

Monthly premiums for Obamapool range from $323 – $688.

In addition to your monthly premium, you will pay other costs. Covered in-network services are subject to a $2,500 annual deductible (except for preventive services) before the plan starts to pay benefits. Once you’ve met the deductible, you will pay a $25 copayment for doctor visits, $4 to $30 for most drugs at a retail pharmacy for the first two prescriptions and 50% of the cost of the prescriptions after that. If you use mail order, you will pay $10 for generic drugs or $75 for brand drugs on the plan formulary for a 90 day supply. You will pay 20% of the cost of any other covered benefits received from a network provider. Your out-of-pocket costs cannot be more than $5,950 per year.

More details including the application is available at the PCIP site. 

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