Obamacare and High Risk Individuals

Do you wonder how Obamacare will handle uninsurable individuals? The Baucus plan will establish a high risk pool to

(A) provide to all eligible individuals health insurance coverage (or comparable coverage) that does not impose any preexisting condition exclusion with respect to such coverage for all eligible individuals;

This can be found on page 38 of the Baucus bill. Over the next few pages are a few surprises . . .

INSUFFICIENT FUNDS.—If the Secretary estimates for any fiscal year that the aggregate amounts available for payment of expenses of the high risk pool will be less than the amount of the expenses, the Secretary shall make such adjustments as are necessary to eliminate such deficit, including reducing benefits, increasing premiums, or establishing waiting lists.

That little tidbit appears on pages 39 – 40.

So if the Secretary, the one who administers your high risk health insurance, runs out of money it is his/her responsibility to correct the problem by reducing your benefits, increasing your premiums or establishing waiting periods (presumably for new entrants although this is not clear).

Change you can believe in.


  1. When the money well runs dry, and it will in a hurry, the Secretary will reduce benefits, increase premiums, increase the waiting period. Didn’t I hear those things from Obamacare critics BEFORE it became law and didn’t the proponents of Obamacare call those notions silly? We were lied to and betrayed.

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