Obamacare Identity Theft

So, you don’t think Obamacare identity theft is a problem, huh? Consider this. Thousands of people will have access to your name, address and Social Security number. They will also see many of your financial and tax Obamacare identity theftrecords.

How do you feel now?


100% Secure?

During a hearing last week, members of the House Oversight Committee grilled officials from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) about the status of security and privacy controls being built into the infrastructure of the federal system.

“Are you 100 percent finished establishing appropriate privacy protections?” Rep. Scott DesJarlais asked skeptically, with reference to the GAO report.

“No, we are not,”


No beating around the Bush.

So is the possibility of Obamacare identity theft an issue now?

“I would say with regards to privacy and security we’re probably about 80 percent,”

No problem if you are part of the 80%, right?


How Much Personal Information is Required to Buy an Obamacare Health Insurance Policy?

Millions of Americans will be asked to provide quite a bit of sensitive personal data in order to sign up for insurance coverage under Obamacare, including their social security numbers and income tax information. Even supporters of the law, are raising concerns that this fall’s enrollment period is fraught with opportunities for fraud and abuse.

There is a very easy way to avoid disclosing this kind of personal information and protecting you from Obamacare identity theft.


Obamacare Websites are Secure, Aren’t They?

Eva Velasquez, CEO of the Identity Theft Resource Center, worries states aren’t doing enough to prevent online fraud when it comes to their exchange websites. She believes fraudsters and identity thieves are already gearing up to exploit the confusion around enrollment season.

“We’ve already noticed in paid searches there are websites coming up that have nothing to do with Obamacare,” she said.

Velasquez said each state exchange will have a different name, and she expects identity thieves will use websites posing as legitimate portals and phishing emails that may look like official government enrollment messages in order to trick people into providing their personal information.

Instead of the promise of eliminating waste, fraud and abuse, Obamacare is paving the way for a whole new level of fraud and abuse.


You Can Beat the System and Protect Your Identity

So how do you protect yourself against Obamacare identity theft?

Don’t buy through the exchange.

But if you do, is it safe?