Obamacare – Just Say No!

Seems newly elected South Carolina governor Nikki Haley wants to fight a takeover of our health care system by the Obamacare monster. According to Yahoo News the following exchange took place.

South Carolina's governor-elect Nikki Haley said in an interview later that she told Obama that South Carolina could not afford the health care mandate, and that it would cripple small businesses.

"I respectfully asked him to consider repealing the bill," she said, to which he clearly stated he would not. "I pushed him further and said if that's the case, because of states' rights would you at least consider South Carolina opting out of the program?"

Obama told her he would consider letting South Carolina opt out, Haley said, if South Carolina could find its own solution that included a state exchange, preventing companies from bumping people for preexisting conditions and allowing insurance pooling.

South Carolina is not the only state that will suffer under the boot heel of Obamacrap. So will every other state, every business large and small, and every individual.

No word on what, if anything, Gov. Nathan Deal had to say about helping out Georgia.

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