Obamacare Navigators

Obamacare navigators and the economy. Washington has given us a preview of the process individuals will have to go through in order to obtain their Obamacare health insurance plan.

If you think applying for health insurance will be as easy as buying a book or movie from Amazon, think again.

The application is 26 pages and the instructions are 61 pages. DC estimates it will take you about 45 minutes to complete the health insurance exchange application.

This is IN ADDITION to the hours needed to gather your financial and tax records BEFORE you start the application process.

After spending hours gathering information plus another 45 minutes completing the application to determine if you QUALIFY for a health insurance subsidy (only applies if you purchase through the exchange) then you get to pick from a handful of plans available.

Having fun yet?

Obamacare plans will be pricey. In some cases 2x current prices.

Find out how to lock in rates now and avoid the coming increase. Compare health insurance plans and rates now.

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