Obamacare Plan B

In one respect, there is no Obamacare Plan B. It is upon us and it is going to happen whether you like it or not. Obamacare Plan B Morning After Pill

No one can be denied health insurance (unless of course they can’t afford it). Pre-existing conditions are covered (whether you had prior creditable coverage or not). Healthy people pay more (a lot more) so sick people can have coverage.

It’s the American way.

And not only can you have free birth control pills, but presumably this also means Obamacare Plan B (the morning after abortion pill).

“We have been through a legal process and the court has ruled against the administration; an appeals court,” Carney said.

That was a reference to a ruling last week denying the administration’s request to delay anearlier ruling that said the drug should be available without age restrictions, at least while the appeal was heard.

“And that ruling means that — meant that Plan B would be immediately available to anyone, of any age,” said Carney.


HHS decided in 2012 that employers would be required to include coverage for contraceptive devices, including birth control pills, and they were required to do so in spite of any religious objection.

Now the courts and the nanny state have said your 13 year old daughter can walk into any drugstore and walk out with an Obamacare Plan B abortion pill.

No prescription needed.

If she has insurance, presumably no copay.