Obamacare Still Undecided

Obamacare refuses to die. Just like Mary Shelley's Frankenstein monster, Obamacare keeps finding new ways to stay alive despite legal attempts to kill it off.

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has filed a lawsuit challenging the Internal Revenue Service’s unlawful attempt to impose ObamaCare’s taxes on exempt employers and individuals.

Cato at Liberty, "Obamacare lawsuit"

Remember the Boston Tea Party? It was an organized protest about taxation without representation.

The Obamacare tax is the same thing.

If premium subsidies are not available in federally established exchanges, “No one would go to those exchanges. The whole structure created by the health care reform law starts to fall apart,” said Gretchen Young, senior vice president-health policy at the ERISA Industry Committee in Washington.

“The health care reform law would become a meaningless law,” added Chantel Sheaks, a principal with Buck Consultants L.L.C. in Washington.

Let's face it. Washington simply does not have enough money to fulfill all the promises of Obamacare, especially the premium subsidies.