Obamacare, Take a Number

First there was RomneyCare in Massachusetts. Now we have the sequel in the form of Obamacare. But how well is RomneyCare working?

Not so well . . .

The folks at Kaiser Health News sum it up pretty well.

From the Boston Globe:

A new poll of 838 Massachusetts doctors finds patients are still waiting weeks – in some cases as long as a month and a half – for non-urgent appointments with primary care physicians and certain specialists.


In Massachusetts, Long Waits For Doctor Visits Common 
The state's program is often regarded as a model for President Barack Obama's 2010 health care reforms. Conservatives have criticized Romney for his support of the state's plan, although he has said it was designed for Massachusetts and would not work as a national plan.


The study also found that while the vast majority of primary care physicians in Massachusetts accepted Medicare, only 53 percent of internists and 62 percent of family physicians accepted MassHealth, the state's Medicaid plan. Only 43 percent of internists and 56 percent of family physicians accepted Commonwealth Care, the state-administered program that provides subsidized care for those earning up to three times the federal poverty level

This last item needs to be noted as it applies to Obamacrap.

Roughly 40% of those that will be covered under the expanded health coverage for the poor will be on Medicaid. Much of the rest of the population, at least those that purchase health insurance through the Exchange, will fall under subsidy plans for those making up to 3x the federal poverty level.

So how many of the newly anointed Obamacrap inductees will face similar challenges?

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