Obamacare – The Impact on Georgia

How has Obamacare impacted the citizens of Georgia? How many HEALTHY children can no longer obtain health insurance on their own? How many women cannot purchase maternity coverage? How have rates and choices been impacted already by the implementation of Obamacrap?

As a result of Obamacrap, no child left behind has become all children left behind when it comes to health insurance.

Women of child bearing age who want to purchase health insurance to cover the cost of maternity have only one choice.

Prior to Obamacrap about a half dozen health insurance companies offered maternity benefits, now there is one. If you want maternity coverage you have to buy the plan a year before conception and pay an additional premium (roughly $200 per month on top of your regular health insurance premium). Once you become eligible for maternity benefits you will have to satisfy your major medical deductible (typically $2500) before anything other than office visits are covered.

That means most pre-natal testing is paid for by the mother, not the insurance company, until she reaches her deductible. A woman who conceives in the summer will have to satisfy two deductibles. One for the current year then a new one the following year.

In addition to the outpatient pre-natal care the mother is required to pay the first $3,000 of the hospital bill.

All thanks to Obamacrap.

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