How Obamacare Works

Do you want to know how #Obamacare works? Who is helping to pay your premiums? Why are old, sick people happy about Obamacare? Who is really benefiting from Georgia ACA health insurance?

Because the law forces insurers to cover those with pre-existing conditions, insurers need to attract a critical mass of young and healthy individuals with lower medical costs into the exchanges to offset the cost. But the Obama administration has yet to release demographic data on those who have picked a plan through the exchanges.

But in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Humana disclosed to investors, “as a result of the December 2013 federal and state regulatory changes allowing certain individuals to remain in their previously existing off-exchange health plans, the Company now expects the risk mix of members enrolling through the health insurance exchanges to be more adverse than previously expected.”

Washington Post

If Obamacare is to work, young, healthy people need to sign up for coverage. Why so many scofflaws? Do they not understand how Obamacare works? Are they like the war protesters in the 60’s and 70’s?

Some are already seeing the benefit of ACA health insurance in Georgia and taking full advantage of the new plans. Several of my clients are taking expensive medication that normally runs over $1000 per month. We helped them find a plan that pays 100% of their medical and prescription drug expenses for the year after they pay the first $950.

One client got a much needed new hip for $3500. All her rehab, medication and follow up doctor visits are no charge for the rest of the year.

Still confused about how Obamacare works? A late night comedian answers your questions. Click the link below.