Obamacare Health Insurance

Obamacare health insurance is not available at this time. Open enrollment for 2014 is over. If you failed to purchase a qualified ACA health insurance plan before 4/1/2014 you will not be allowed to buy new coverage until 11/15/2014. ¬† You can’t buy Obamacare health insurance but you can still buy other kinds of health insurance.Obamacare closed

There are exceptions to the rule . . .

  • A life qualifying event might create a special enrollment period
  • If you lose existing coverage, you may be eligible to purchase Obamacare health insurance
  • You can purchase a short term medical plan (STM)
  • You may qualify to enroll in Medicaid or SCHIP (Peachcare)


Purchasing ACA qualified insurance off the exchange.

Bob Vineyard at Georgia Insurance Shop is pleased to offer Humana health insurance plans for anyone from birth to age 64. Humana POS plans have broad provider networks and in almost every situation, have the lowest premiums in your area.

If you would like to compare Humana Obamacare health insurance rates with other Georgia health insurance carriers we also offer the following

Using the links above you can review Obamacare health insurance plans, conduct a provider search, select your plan and apply direct with the carrier of your choice.

You will not be able to apply for coverage outside the government mandated open enrollment period unless you have a qualifying life event.

  • Change in your family status such as marrying, divorce, loss of a spouse due to death
  • Dependent change, birth, adoption, death
  • Loss of coverage through your job
  • Moving to a new zip code


You can purchase health insurance outside of open enrollment. These short term medical (STM) plans are designed to bridge the gap and provide a low cost, affordable form of health insurance.  Choose from the following carriers.

Assurant STM plans offer a wide range of options. You may also consider purchasing accident or dental insurance through the Assurant site.



Our most competitive STM plan is from HCC. Low rates, instant approval.


You may also call or email me at any time.