Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange in Georgia

The Obamacare health insurance exchange in Georgia is a federally managed exchange. If you want Obamacare health insuranceobamacare health insurance off the georgia exchange exchange rates you must use the (still not working) healthcare.gov site. Of course you can also call (800) 318-2596 and an operator will take your information down on a paper application, then try to submit your data to the exchange at such time when the site is working.

In the interim your financial data is on a piece of paper in (what may be) an unsecure area where the paper can be lost, copied or stolen. Keep in mind your subsidy information contains your name, address, social security number as well as wage and tax filing information.

Or you can call Bob Vineyard

Buy Obamacare health insurance OFF the exchange. Save money. Shop and compare without the hassle. You are not required to give out your personal financial information to anyone. No need to worry about the security of your Social Security number and personal tax information.


Buy Obamacare Health Insurance Off the Exchange

Most people do not know that you can buy Obamacare health insurance outside of the exchange. This is a trap to encourage you to give up your financial and tax information in hopes of obtaining free money (taxpayer funded subsidy) that is supposed to reduce your net health insurance premiums.

Do you know the pitfalls of buying on the exchange?

  • Your personal financial data and tax information is not secure
  • You are not guaranteed a premium subsidy
  • Even if you qualify for a subsidy, you may never see it
  • If your employer offers “affordable” health insurance you will not qualify for a subsidy
  • If you owe back taxes you will not qualify for a subsidy
  • Obamacare health insurance plans on the exchange are almost ALL HMO plan designs
  • In some zip codes your only choice will be Blue Cross and Ambetter
  • You have more choices outside of the exchange in every zip code
  • Off exchange plans from Assurant, Cigna and Humana may have lower rates than exchange plans from BCBSGA


Buy Off the Exchange – Save Money

In some situations you may find lower rates when you shop and compare Obamacare health insurance plans off the exchange. You will certainly find plans with broader and better doctor and hospital networks. More choices. Better plans for about the same premium as exchange plans.

Obamacare health insurance exchange plans in some areas only have ONE hospital. Or you may have a choice of hospitals and doctors but you may be required to drive 50 miles or more to find a doctor or hospital that participates in the Georgia Obamacare health insurance exchange.

If you have a regular family doctor, ask them if they are participating in Obamacare health exchange plans in your area.


Shop and Compare – No Hassle

Did you know it can take 45 minutes or longer to apply for Obamacare health insurance on the exchange? And that assumes you can create an account then log in without getting kicked off the site.

When you buy on the exchange you are required to give your personal information to a total stranger. You will be asked for your income history, tax filing status and much more.

Buying OFF the exchange is simple, quick, worry free and NO HASSLE.

Shop and compare plans OFF the exchange from these fine carriers.


Assurant features bronze plans with lower deductibles including HSA qualified plans. Add a guaranteed issue accident plan to help fill in the gaps in most Obamacare health insurance plans. Choose a dental plan that allows you to use any dentist in Georgia.

Blue Cross OFF exchange plans have virtually every doctor and hospital in the state. Compare that to most ON exchange BCBSGA plans that give you a list of doctors and say “pick one”.

Cigna uses a large national network and competitively priced plans in almost every corner of the state. Add a dental plan to your Cigna coverage.

Humana plans offered OFF the exchange are VERY competitively priced in almost every zip code. At some ages and zip codes you may find a comparable OFF exchange plan that is priced less than ON exchange plans from Blue Cross or Ambetter. When you buy from Humana you can apply direct using this link or contact us for a dedicated phone number where a Humana representative will take your application by phone.

When you apply by phone your application can be completed in about 5 minutes and coverage is approved immediately.

Regardless of where you make your OFF exchange purchase, or how you apply, Bob Vineyard at Georgia Insurance Shop is always willing to answer any questions you may have about plans, doctor networks, hospital networks and much more.

Shop and compare Obamacare health insurance OFF exchange options in Georgia now.