Plan N Gone!

It is now official. United of Omaha will be removing Medicare supplement plan N from their portfolio. Applications submitted prior to April 22, 2011 for plan N will be considered. Applications signed and dated after April 22 or received after May 6, 2011 will be returned.

If you currently have a Georgia United of Omaha Medicare supplement plan N you should consider swapping if for a new plan with another carrier. Since United of Omaha is closing this block to new entrants the next step will be to issue significantly higher rate increases until the block stabilizes or disintegrates. 

If you are healthy and can pass underwriting, we have several options with other carriers that have low premiums.

If you opted for United of Omaha plan N because of their willingness to take anyone regardless of health, we still have an option.

Ask us for a competitive quote and comparison now on a Georgia Medicare supplement plan.

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