Preggers, No Insurance

What if you are pregnant and do not have health insurance? The responsible adult action is to "man up" and pay the bills. But why do that when you can get someone else to pay?

A man called looking for health insurance in Georgia. Wife is pregnant. They have not had insurance in "at least 3 years, maybe longer".

Rejected by several companies. Someone suggested he look at Georgia health insurance for the self employed.

That's how he found me. I help GA business owners find the right plan for themselves and their family. If they have 2 or more employees we look at options for group health insurance including the HSA (health savings account) or HRA (health reimbursement arrangement).

Yes, he owns a business with 5 employees.

Yes, we can set up a group insurance plan that will cover his wife's pregnancy.

The catch?

He has to cover his employees AND pay at least 50% of the premium. I estimated a minimum of $4,000 per month but probably more.

He balked at that and asked about something else that was suggested. Medicaid.

Yes, you may qualify for that but there are income requirements.

"I probably make too much money to qualify".

Well then, you can pay out of pocket. Negotiate up front with the doc and hospital. You should be able to get in the $6,000 – $7,000 range for a normal delivery.

"Any other options?"

Well, there is PCIP.

"How much?"

$220/month and no waiting period on maternity.


For the rest of us who plan ahead, there is an affordable Georgia health insurance plan.

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