Why You Don't Want a Rollback With BCBSGA

Blue Cross of Georgia (BCBSGA) may try to talk you into a “rollback” of rates on renewal. They make it sound so good.

Just agree to let them implement a new 12 month pre-existing condition limit and you can drop your renewal by 30%, 40%, 50% or more. What could be easier?

Anyone who does this is playing with fire.

If you are currently under treatment for a medication, that condition will not be covered for the next 12 months. Say you are taking blood pressure medication or being treated for high cholesterol. You probably see your doctor twice a year for a check up and get your med’s filled monthly. BP medication is usually inexpensive. Sometimes as little as $4.

Some cholesterol medication’s are also available for $4.

So what’s the risk?

When you agree to allow BCBSGA to rollback your rates and impose a pre-existing limit it affects not only existing specific conditions and treatment but anything RELATED to that condition.

For example, a heart attack or stroke could be related to high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Even if your condition is under control with medication the pre-existing clause allows BCBSGA to investigate any claims that might be related to the excluded condition under rollback. If they determine your heart attack or stroke is related to blood pressure or cholesterol issues they have a right to deny your claims.

Some folks with high blood pressure can become a type II diabetic. If so, any claims related to diabetes are subject to review and can be denied.

The same can happen if you has asthma or allergies. If those conditions become a crisis requiring you to seek emergency care those claims will be denied.

Be very careful when negotiating and accepting renewal terms that include a rollback offer. When evaluating any coverage, it is always a good idea to discuss your situation with a knowledgeable Georgia health insurance agent.

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