Seniors Get $250 Gift

Seniors on a fixed income will get $250 to help them remember who to vote for in November. Seniors on Social Security get an average of $1164 per month. Since 2011 will the be the second year in a row when they will not get a COLA increase, Congress wants you to know they care about you.

In spite of campaign rhetoric, apparently members of the House are the ones dragging their feet.

Democratic leaders in the House never brought the issue up for a vote. Obama first asked Congress for the $250 payment last February.

Makes you wonder why this is a hot issue now, nearly 8 months later.

And Princes Pelosi is trying to shift the blame away from Democrats.

Democrats are using the proposal to augment their campaign pitch that Republicans would undermine Social Security.

"Instead of helping seniors," Pelosi's office said, "Republicans, backed by their allies on Wall Street, are threatening to privatize and cut Social Security, just as they tried to do under President Bush."

Of course nothing comes up for a vote in the House unless the Speaker, that would be Pelosi, ALLOWS it to be presented for a vote.

Democrats may have the votes in the House to push through the measure, although still unanswered is how they plan to cover the estimated $13 billion to $14 billion cost of giving $250 to each of more than 50 million Social Security beneficiaries. Obama hasn't offered any suggestions and the Senate measure last March was rejected 47-50 primarily because it would have stacked the cost on top of the nearly $12 trillion federal debt.

Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., offered a counterproposal then that would have paid for the bonus with unspent money from the $814 billion stimulus package, but it was rejected by an even wider 38-59 margin.

Well that $12 trillion debt is an issue.

On the other hand, the ones who will pay for the debt are children and grandchildren of the seniors who may or may not ever see that money.

So it looks like seniors can still expect that lump of coal for Christmas.

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