Simple Explanation of Obamacare

Obamacare sticker shockCan Obamacare be explained simply? Is there a way to take a 2400 page law and offer an easy, simple explanation of  Obamacare, a complex law that affects ALL citizens, not just those who are currently insured? Will health insurance rates rise? Can I lock in today’s low health insurance rates?

  • Who is included in Obama-care?
  • Will I be allowed to keep my current plan?
  • Can I keep my current doctor?
  • How much will health insurance cost under Obamacare?
  • How much will Obamacare cut from Medicare? Will I have to pay more?

All great questions and typical of inquiries I get on a daily basis. Let’s start with a simple explanation of Obamacare, if that is even possible.


Obamacare Explained Simply

In the most basic terms, Obama-care requires everyone to have health insurance. Not only must you have a health insurance plan, but it must meet certain standards of coverage and affordability (as defined by the government). If you are not covered under a government plan such as Medicare or Medicaid, and do not have health insurance provided by your employer, you must purchase health insurance from an insurance company.


Who is Included In Obamacare?

Virtually everyone who is a citizen or is in this country legally must have an approved health insurance policy.


Will I be Allowed to Keep my Current Health Insurance Plan?

Probably not.

A simple explanation of Obamacare rules for plan design and “affordability” means everyone will eventually lose their current health insurance policy and replace it with an Obama-care approved plan.

You can forget “If you like the plan you have you can keep it.”


Can I Keep my Current Doctor?

Maybe, but not likely.

Patients with Medicare and Medicaid currently have difficulty in finding doctors willing to take on new patients. It is not unusual to wait 3 months or longer to get an appointment if you are a new patient. The same is true if you have a health insurance plan and go on Medicare, Medicare or have an “exchange” purchased health insurance plan.

If your health insurance was purchased through the exchange (now called the “marketplace”), good luck finding a doctor. A simple explanation of Obamacare includes a provision that requires doctors to provide health care at no charge if you fail to pay your health insurance premium. How many doctors do you think are willing to provide free health care?


How Much Will Health Insurance Cost Under Obamacare?

A lot.

Expect premiums to double for most. If you are under age 35 your rates may easily triple.

A simple explanation of Obamacare means insurance carriers are now required to issue coverage to anyone regardless of health. That means two people age 35, one is athletic trim while the other is 200 pounds overweight and takes 6 different medications, pay the same premium.

Rates will go up next year. But you can lock in today’s low rates and never have an increase in premiums until 2015. Click now to compare plans and rates for over 100 plans. 


How Much Will Obamacare Cut From Medicare?

A simple explanation of Obamacare is this. President Obama has directed Congress to reduce funding for Medicare by more than $700 billion dollars between now and 2020. If you are on a Medicare Advantage plan your premiums, copay’s, deductibles and out of pocket costs will go up.

If you have original Medicare and a Medicare supplement plan your premiums, deductibles and copay’s will increase. Georgia Medicare Plans offers free, no obligation quotes for over 40 different Medigap plans at this site. We showed one Georgia couple  how to save over $1700 in Medigap premiums by making a simple change in coverage.

How much can you save?

Is there a simple explanation of Obamacare? In a word, no. This far-reaching law affects everyone and very few people will be pleased.