Child Only Health Insurance

Child only health insurance. Looking for child only major medical insurance in Georgia? Thanks to Obamacare it is almost impossible to child only health insurance georgiafind children only health insurance. The folks at Assurant have a better idea. Children up to the age of 19 can now obtain a #child only health insurance plan with basic benefits.





Child Only Health Insurance Returns to Georgia

Children under the age of 26 can be added to their parents health insurance plan. Many times these plans can be very expensive, especially if the parents are covered under an employer group health insurance plan.

Parents may save several hundred dollars per month by purchasing a children’s only health insurance plan OFF the exchange.

Children do not qualify for premium subsidies.

Policies purchased on the exchange are designed for those who MAY qualify for a premium subsidy. If you are purchasing a child only health insurance plan, consider the following carriers for low cost child only health insurance

In most areas, Assurant and Humana have the most affordable child only health insurance plans