Swine Flu Hype?

The CDC reports 129 confirmed swine flu deaths through 11/6/2009. They also indicate that, on average, there are 36,000 flu related deaths each year.

They report there are 38,000,000 doses of swine flu vaccine “ordered or available.”

Why does this sound like jobs “created or saved” rhetoric?

It has been reported that doctors and clinics are running low on seasonal flu vaccine. So far, over 70,000,000 doses of seasonal flu have been delivered with another 40,000,000 on the way.

I have no idea how much of taxpayer dollars is being spent on the swine flu vaccine promotion, but I have trouble reconciling 129 deaths to 36,000 during the course of normal flu season. Not to be dismissive, because any death is not insignificant, but it seems almost like the fuss about Y2K.

It makes me wonder, after all this is over, if some will be asking “what was all the fuss?”. Is this just another stupid government trick?

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